HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show

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Hong Kong International Jewellery Show
2-6 March 2017
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

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Industry players were treated to a wealth of technical expertise during the events on Day 3 of the HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show. In particular, visitors were briefed on sustainability and ethical practices in the mining of tanzanite, along with insights on laboratory testing of coloured gemstones. Creativity was on full display with the launch of two major jewellery competitions using popular Fei Cui jewellery as the theme. The show also looks to the future with “Forecast 2018+”, covering upcoming trends on consumer culture in the arena of jewellery design.

  Sustainability and Ethical Practices in the Tanzanite and Coloured Gemstone Mining Industry
As the world continues to move towards transparency and responsibility, sustainable and ethical practices have gained added significance in the gemstone mining industry. With 11 years of top-tier experience in geology and mining, Robert Grafen Greaney, Managing Director of TanzaniteOne, delivered an insightful seminar on sustainability in mining of tanzanite and coloured gemstones.

  Key Attributes of an International Laboratory Report of Coloured Gemstone
The global gem trade views laboratory testing and reports as major emerging tools in the sale of coloured stones. However, the practices have been, at times, elusive. Çiğdem Lüle, Director of Development at Gemworld International, shared insights on how lab research and technical grading are re-shaping the global market.
The terms “pigeon blood red“ and “royal blue“ have been used for centuries by the gemstone trade to describe, respectively, the finest quality in rubies and sapphires. Aside from these incredibly distinctive colours, these descriptions also indicate stones of superior quality. Michael S. Krzemnicki, Director at Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF, briefed visitors on the concept, standards and strict criteria used at the Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF for rubies and sapphires to qualify for these two standards of excellence.
What's On - 5 March (Sun)
Parade Series: “Hall of Fame and Jade Jewellery”
Venue: Grand Piazza, Hall 3E South Concourse
Jewellery Manufacturing Quality Assurance Benchmarks
Venue: Meeting Room S226-7
Buyer Forum: Opportunities in Mature Market
Venue: Grand Piazza, Hall 3E South Concourse
Exhibitor Forum: Guild Emerald Dialogue: Color, Provenance and History Venue: Meeting Room S226-7
Parade Series: “Group Pavilions”
Venue: Hall 5FG Concourse

*By Invitation Only

Event Schedule

Opening Hours
5 March (Sun)
10am - 6:30pm
6 March (Mon)
10am - 5:30pm
Buyer Registration Hours
5 March (Sun)
9:30am - 6pm
6 March (Mon)
9:30am - 3:30pm

  “Forecast 2018+” An overview of the upcoming seasons on consumer culture and jewellery
The Show welcomed Paola De Luca, Creative Director and co-founder of TRENDVISION Jewellery + Forecasting and organiser of leading international jewellery show, VICENZAORO. In an illuminating seminar, De Luca shared insights on the future of consumer culture and how it will affect the jewellery industry in years to come.

  “2017 International Design Competition on Trendy Fei Cui Jewellery” & “Hong Kong Students Design Competition on Fei Cui Jewellery” Launch Ceremony

  Parade Series: “Designer Galleria”
Designer Galleria is where you will find the cutting edge of jewellery design. Collecting the most relevant and up-to-date pieces, exhibitors here have harnessed the latest designs and technical expertise in an amazing array of jewellery, showcasing different styles and materials during the parade in this zone.
The Mexican Fire Opal Bangle
Ammie Kang (Top Kang)
Booth: CEC 1CON-065
BEL-Tung Art & Design Studio
Booth:CEC 1CON-018
Hidden Treasure
Booth: CEC 1CON-031
Sterling Silver Design Ring by Eva Stone
Glitter & Eva Stone
Booth: CEC 1CON-056
Swan Lake
ISuperstar Company
Booth: CEC 1CON-035
Flowing Mist
KMC Design
Booth: CEC 1CON-036
Precious Peony
Magic of life
Booth: CEC 1CON-067
Osatina Jewellery Company
Booth: CEC 1CON-006
Semisung Co Ltd
Booth:CEC 1CON-017

  Parade Series: “Hall of Extraordinary”
Stunning jewellery masterpieces fill the Hall of Extraordinary, a prestigious zone that showcases world-class jewellers in a professional and elegant setting that is second to none.
Fancy Yellow Pear Shape Diamond Necklace
Butani Jewellery Limited
Booth: CEC GH-C02
Crivelli Srl
Booth: CEC GH-A10
One of a Kind Collection
J. R. Diamond International Limited
Booth: CEC GH-G04
Conch Pearl Rings
Kashikey Co., Ltd
Booth: CEC GH-E20
12-Carat Lily® Diamond Ring
Lili Jewelry Limited
Booth: CEC 3B-C02
18K Gold Waltzing Brilliance Tanzanite Peacock Pendant Necklace
Moiseikin International Limited
Booth: CEC GH-J06
Scintillating – Art of Moving Diamonds
Sanket BVBA
Booth: CEC GH-J07
Very Rare Ruby and Diamond Ring
Unique Brilliant Limited
Booth: CEC GH-C32
Twilight -Masterpiece Collection
Yoko London Limited
Booth: CEC GH-B07

  Hall of Fame
The Hall of Fame is an elite section especially for buyers who are looking for glittering jewels from brands of renown.
Infinity Cross
Infinity Cross Limited
Booth: CEC 3B-F20
Spirit of Psyche
Jewels Emporium
Booth: CEC 3B-F16
18K White Gold Amethyst, Chrome Diopside with Diamonds Necklace
Lorenzo Jewelry Limited
Booth: CEC 3B-D02
Spectrum ring
Mousson Atelier
Booth: CEC 3B-F08
Piero Milano Jewellery
Booth: CEC 3B-F06
Shanghai Lao Feng Xiang Co Ltd
Booth: CEC 3B-F14

  Hall of Jade Jewellery
As a symbol of good fortune, jade has been culturally significant to the Chinese for thousands of years. Classic and contemporary designs in precious jade fills Hall of Jade Jewellery.
Chia Ta Jewellery Company Limited
Booth: CEC 1B-B20
Natural Pink Jadeite Set
Jade Forever Jewellery Company Limited
Booth: CEC 1B-C43
Double Happiness
Margaretti & Co
Booth: CEC 1B-C39
A Pair of Air of Icy Jadeite Bangles
Ming Jewelry Co., Ltd
Booth: CEC 1B-B32
Jadeite “Huaigu” Pendant
United Jewelry Company
Booth: CEC 1B-C01
Natural Jadeite Ring
Wing Yen Wah Jewellery Company Limited
Booth: CEC 1B-C13

  Gem of the Day: Sparkling Highlights from Today’s Event Line-Up
Parade Series: “Hall of Fame and Jade Jewellery”  
Time : 11:00am - 11:30am
Venue : Grand Piazza, Hall 3E South Concourse

Jewellery Manufacturing Quality Assurance Benchmarks
Time : 11:30am - 12:30pm
Venue : Meeting Room S226-7
Speaker : Mr Mark Mann, Senior Director, Global Jewelry Manufacturing Arts, USA
Language : English (Simultaneous interpretation service in Putonghua)

Parade Series: “Group Pavilions”  
Time : 3:30pm - 4:00pm
Venue : Hall 5FG Concourse
The International Jewellery Show 2017 features new pavilions with jewellers from across the globe. Newcomers from the Philippines and Portugal join returning exhibitors and pavilions from the Chinese mainland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Israel, Japan, Korea, Peru, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, the UK and the US.

  Hear What Exhibitors Say
“Thousand Million started out as a loose diamond wholesaler in 1980 and transformed into a diamond jewellery manufacturer in 1998. The US has been our major market and we also sell our products to the Chinese mainland and Europe. We are a long-term supporter of the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show because it provides an ideal platform for us to promote our corporate image, to look for new customers, to explore new markets and to understand the market needs of emerging markets. The timing of the show is excellent because March is the best time for large retailers to formulate their yearly strategic sourcing plans. This year we have met new buyers from Turkey and the UK who are keen to buy our products. Up till now, we have got orders from about 20 existing buyers who are large retailers from Europe and the US.”
Jesse Yau, Director, Thousand Million Jewellery Manufacturing Ltd, Hong Kong (CEC 1D-B02)
“ANPASSA is dedicated to producing custom-made jewellery tourbillon watches. To maintain the quality, we produce 100 pieces per month. This is our fourth year showcasing our jewellery tourbillion watches inside the Hall of Time at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show. The show provides an important platform for us to promote our brand and to show our exquisite craftsmanship to international buyers. At this year’s show, we are introducing our new 18K diamond tourbillon watch which has a thickness of just 8.1mm. The natural diamonds precisely set on the bottom plate and bezel truly demonstrates our exquisite craftsmanship. New buyers from the Chinese mainland, Korea and Russia are interested in buying our jewellery tourbillon watches.”
Gary Ching (left) and Frankie Lam (right), Co-founders, Anpassa Watch Company Limited, Hong Kong (CEC 3C-E08A)
“Oriental Gemco is a quintessential, one-of-a-kind fine jewellery manufacturer that creates enticing designs infused with excellent craftsmanship. Our main markets are Asia, North America and the Middle East. The Hong Kong International Jewellery Show is a truly international trade event which offers new prospects because a lot of jewellery buyers come here to purchase. It is the best jewellery show in the world. That is why we have participated in the show for 30 years. At this year’s show, we have received onsite orders from existing buyers. We also met new buyers from Asia.”
Pravesh Nigam (right), Gaurav Nigam (centre) and Prateek Nigam), Directors, Oriental Gemco Pvt Ltd, Hong Kong (CEC 3B-C14)
“Almas Jewel is a fine jewellery manufacturer, focusing on producing 14K gold and 18K gold jewellery decorated with diamonds, precious stones and semi-precious stones. We export our jewellery to Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the US. Our company has been participating in the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show since its establishment in 2000. This show is the backbone of our company because many of our existing customers know us through the show. We maintain our presence at the show in order to look for new clients and maintain close ties with our existing clients. During the first two days of the show, buyers from Turkey and the US placed orders for our products.”
Khalid Ul Haq, Marketing Manager, Almas Jewel Co Ltd, Thailand (CEC 3B-D12)

  Hear What Buyers Say
“Established in 1920, Simonetta Orsini is a fine jewellery retailer in Argentina. We usually buy gold jewellery from Italy and diamond jewellery from Belgium, Hong Kong and Thailand. This is our second visit to the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show. At this show, we bought diamond rings worth US$100,000 from a Thailand supplier and photographic equipment from a Hong Kong supplier. We are happy to have found a jewellery display supplier from Hong Kong which accepts small orders, so we bought five jewellery displays from this supplier. We like the Hong Kong show because it is the biggest jewellery shows with so many booths and products.”
Gladys Amato (right), General Manager and Nadia Brusisi (left), Boutique Director, Simonetta Orsini, Argentina
“Mayuyama is a high-end jewellery retailer and wholesaler in Japan, offering all kinds of jewellery with pearls, diamonds and coloured stones. Japanese consumers always look for something different and they are willing to pay more for good designs. The Hong Kong International Jewellery Show is getting bigger and bigger, with many high-quality suppliers and new designs. It is an annual sourcing event that we cannot afford to miss. We are happy to have found creative designs at this year’s show. We have already placed orders with existing suppliers for US$100,000 worth of diamond jewellery. In addition, we also found five potential suppliers.”
Tatsuya Mayuyama, Managing Director, Mayuyama & Co., Ltd, Japan
“Adonis is a jewellery retailer and wholesaler in Korea, with five stores in Seoul. Our main products include diamond jewellery and pearl jewellery. In Korea, consumers like simple yet elegant designs. I come to the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show every year because it’s an important sourcing platform for me to find innovative designs that can stimulate consumer spending. Up till now, I have identified about five new suppliers which offer new designs. I have also talked to my existing suppliers and already bought US$30,000 worth of diamond jewellery. Before visiting the Jewellery Show, I bought US$100,000 worth of loose diamonds at the Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show. It’s a rewarding visit.”
Han Shin Young, Director, Adonis Jewelry Co., Ltd, Korea

  Top Picks from Media Experts
Jeremy Keight

Jewellery World Magazine (Australia and New Zealand)

The Hong Kong International Jewellery show continues to be the number one Jewellery show on my calendar. Walking the vast halls here always reminds me why I love this trade: all around me I see committed people are passionate about bringing beauty and art to the world, that is what our industry is built on - and I love that.

Tree of Life
It is exciting to see so much gold in the show again. The world has really returned to gold in a big way and it is interesting to see the opportunities this has created for designers to show off their flair. I am curious to see how the millennial market will welcome gold - after all, they were pretty much raised on sterling silver and white gold. Yellow and rose gold has a completely different look but designers and manufacturers have really risen to the challenge and rose gold is still a big contender.

A couple of brands that look particularly interesting are: JJ Creation Limited (CEC 3G-B02) with the brand ASTRA taking the tree of life pendant encased in a glass pendant to the next level. Showcasing new and exciting designs, not only in pendants, but rings and earrings as well.  AVS Group Limited (CEC 3F-G21), well worth the trip to see their silver ranges. I think a lot of buyers from the Australia and New Zealand markets would welcome these kinds of designs and price points.

Yuichi Kinoshita
Jewellery Journalist from Tokyo

Crossfor Dancing Stone Award presentation ceremony was held on the first day of the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show.

Crossfor Co Ltd (CEC 3B-B02), a company from Koufu City in Japan, presented the awards to five of their licensed companies among their 170 licencees, which included Chow Tai Fook from Hong Kong and four other companies from the Chinese mainland, Macau and Indonesia for their outstanding products using the “Dancing Stone” technology developed by the company.

The technology of “Dancing Stone” keeps the stone vibrating like dancing, and once the stone started to vibrate, vibration will continue almost indefinitely.  The company has successfully patented this unique setting not only in Japan but also in many countries around the world.

Japanese is very good at design and devising unique method in their craftsmanship.  I can foresee that more and more Japanese companies will be successful in way like Crossfor.

Sancia Mincher
Managing Director 
Jeweller’s Network (South Africa) 

The Hong Kong International Jewellery Show opens its doors for the 34th year – with resounding success.

The halls are jam packed with global buyers, fervent in their anticipation to view the sparkle and prepared to be amazed yet again by the exclusive variety of jewellery on display here. I have discovered the most amazing craftsmanship from a Japanese exhibitor, Kodama Co., Ltd (CEC 1CON-057).

Bee - Crafted in 18ct Gold with sapphire,
diamond and pearl
The Beauty with Life
The fundamental of Japanese culture is made of unique view of nature. JIZAI – Art Jewelry was created based on Japanese culture and give shape to the beauty of nature and living creature which is rich in expression. People can enjoy JIZAI by wearing it on different occasions.

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