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As a global leader in fine jewellery production, Hong Kong is at the forefront of elite industry expertise and emerging designers. Playing a starring role in this city of lights is the HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, a vehicle that constantly reinvigorates the industry with new talent, incomparable knowledge and a salute to creativity. Day One of the Show featured industry leaders in various award presentations, demonstrations and seminars, honouring the craftsmanship of Hong Kong’s famed jewellers and showcasing the city’s achievements and talents in jewellery design.

  Excellence of Hong Kong Jewellery Craftsmanship and Demonstration
There is no substitute for flawless quality delivered by the measured hand of a master jeweller. As time passes, manufacturing techniques evolve into different forms but craftsmanship of the highest order never goes out of style.
Ho Koon Wan, Manager of Group Executive Office of Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Co., Ltd and the Executive Director of Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Creative Centre shared insights on “Development of Jewellery Craftsmanship – from Traditional to Modern”.
Jewellery Making Skills Demonstration by Shi Yu-xi, Technical Deputy Director, R&D and Production Department, Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Creative Centre; and Leung Chi-wai, Technical Deputy Director, R&D and Production Department, Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Creative Centre.

  Confidence & Reputation—Responsibility and Mission of Testing Technology of Diamond
For any prospective owner of precious stones, authenticity is always a concern. This fascinating seminar addressed the technology available today to determine authenticity, a crucial matter for buyer’s confidence and industry reputation in identifying the real deal in diamonds.
Welcome speech by Liang Zhenjie, Deputy Director of National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC)

What's On - 3 March (Fri)
Jewellery Show at HKCEC
Parade Series: “World of Glamour”
Venue: Grand Piazza, Hall 3E South Concourse
Beer Party @ T-GOLD + METS Pavilion*
Venue: Oasis, Hall 5B
Japanese Urushi Lacquer Craftsmanship and Demonstration
Venue: Grand Piazza, Hall 3E South Concourse
Moment of Champagne
Venue: Paris Parlour, Hall 3B
Hall of Time Party*
Venue: Hall of Time Zone, Hall 3C
MuseHeart Smart Jewelry Global Product Launch*
Venue: Grand Piazza, Hall 3E South Concourse
Glittering Spring Cocktail* Venue: Bauhinia Room

*By Invitation Only

Event Schedule

Opening Hours
3-5 March (Fri - Sun)
10:30am - 6:30pm
6 March (Mon)
10am - 5:30pm
Buyer Registration Hours
3-5 March (Fri - Sun)
9:30am - 6pm
6 March (Mon)
9:30am - 3:30pm

“Present situation and challenge of the diamond industry in Hong Kong” by Lawrence Ma, Chairman of Diamond Federation of Hong Kong, China Ltd “Interpretation of national standard diamond grading GB/T-16554” by Lan Yan, Director, Shenzhen Research Institute, National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC)
“Task and outlook of the global diamond industry in 2017: thinking of natural diamond and synthetic diamond” by Jamie Clark, Commercial Director, International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research, The De Beers Group of Companies, and Philip Martineau, Senior Manager Physics at De Beers Technologies UK
“Formulation of national standard of yellow diamond grading” by Zhang Jian, Technical Supervisor, Research Department, National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC) “Chinese synthetic diamonds and the screening/identification in NGTC laboratories” by Lu Taijin, Chief Researcher, National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC)
Meng Xiaojun, Director, Publicity and Promotion Department, National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC) recommended some relevant events in 2017 Thanking address by Ke Jie, Deputy Director, National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC)

  Dancing Stone World Moment of Excellence 2017
This award ceremony honours and felicitates creative and proactive jewellery manufacturers from amongst Crossfor licensees for their effort on innovative designs, promotions and market development of Dancing Stone products using the Crossfor patented component Twinkle Setting®.

  International Pavilions
The Jewellery Show proves its global influence with presence of 20 international group pavilions.

  Shine a Light: Top Product Highlights
Engagement Ring and
Wedding Ring Set

Abe Jewelry Co., Ltd.
Booth: CEC 3C-E21
Bapalal Keshavlal
Booth: CEC GH-C19
Royal Earring
Booth: CEC 3C-E15
Pair of Carved Mammoth Elephants Set with Jewels
Cho's Arts Crafts Company Limited
Booth: CEC 3F-C05
18K Emerald Cabochon Necklace
Emsaru Jewels Corp
Booth: CEC GH-L02
Fuxin Taiping District Xinfuxing agate jade firm
Booth: CEC 3F-C03
Engagement Ring
Guangzhou Chindragon
Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Booth: CEC 3C-E13
Butterfly Rose Tourbillon Watch
Hong Kong Tak Fook
Jewellery Limited

Booth: CEC 3E-D15
Spring Garden Collection
Henry Jewellery Manufacturer
Co Limited

Booth: CEC 1B-E02
Lady Heart Collections Ltd
Booth: CEC 3B-F04
19th Century Broad Hinged Micro Mosaic Bangle
Moira Fine Jewellery Limited
Booth: CEC CH-K02
18k Gold Vintage Watch
Prospect Capital Limited
Booth: CEC CH-E02
Prestige Crafts
Booth: CEC 3F-C01
A Suite of 18k Gold and Diamond Jewellery, Sterlé Paris, Circa 1950
Revival Vintage Jewels &
Objects Pte. Ltd.

Booth: CEC CH-A04
Wedding Rings
Shenzhen Yafu Jewellery Co., Ltd
Booth: CEC 3C-E11
Tahitian Pearl & Diamonds Ring
Vanuatu Bijouterie
Booth: CEC 3C-F03
VYDHK Class Ring - 1
VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated
Booth: CEC 5G-A11
Engagement Ring
Veata (Shen Zhen) Jewellery Co., Ltd
Booth: CEC 3C-E22

  Hear What Exhibitors Say
“We have been participating in the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show since the launch of our ‘Dancing Stone’ technique in 2011. The Hong Kong show is the right place for us to look for new licensees and to support our existing licensees because manufacturers, traders and retailers from all over the world come here. To protect our intellectual property rights, we are taking this opportunity to let international buyers know that we are the inventor of the ‘Dancing Stone’ technique. We organised an award presentation ceremony and a jewellery parade on the first day of the show. We will maintain our presence in this show and organise our award presentation ceremony at the show every year.”
Hidetaka Dobashi, CEO, Crossfor Co Ltd, Japan
“In business for more than 40 years, our company specialises in hand-made jade jewellery and coloured precious stone jewellery. Every piece of our jewellery is unique in the market. We have joined the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show for more than 20 years because many of our existing customers came from the show. Apart from looking for new customers, the show gives us a good opportunity to communicate with our existing customers. Customers like buying our products at the fairground as they are confident in the quality of our products. So far we have met with more buyers from the Chinese mainland, Southeast Asia and Taiwan.”
William K.H. Poon, Managing Director, Siam Color Gem & Jewelry Limited, Hong Kong
“I am a fine jewellery designer who is the third generation in my family running On Tai Jewellery, which was established in 1973. My jewellery products are sold to retailers in Europe, Japan, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. I have joined the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show for several years to promote my designs and look for new buyers because many overseas buyers visit this show. I had a busy morning on the first day of the show and met with buyers from Australia, the Chinese mainland, Italy and Taiwan, and one of the buyers bought a ring. I expect more buyers will buy my products in the next few days.”
Lisa Lee, Designer, On Tai Jewellery, Hong Kong

  Hear What Buyers Say
“With a history of 25 years, Hassan’s Jewellery has three retail shops in Kuwait, selling all kinds of jewellery products and loose diamonds. I visit the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show every year because I can buy directly from manufacturers and wholesalers. More importantly, I can find new designs and good prices here. I am planning to buy US$100,000 worth of various jewellery products at the show. So far, I have spent US$40,000 on buying colour gemstone jewellery and diamond jewellery from two Hong Kong suppliers. I will buy 18K gold jewellery from an Italian supplier soon. I also visited the Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show where I bought US$450,000 worth of loose diamonds from a Hong Kong supplier. As our jewellery business is steady, I will keep coming back to source new items.”
Bahram Fathi, Division Manager, Hassan’s Jewellery, Kuwait
“Established in 2005, is a leading jewellery e-tailer in Russia, focusing on diamond jewellery. I have visited the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show for more than 10 times because it is convenient for me to come to Hong Kong to meet so many suppliers at one place. That means I do not need to go to other jewellery shows. Quality is our top priority when it comes to sourcing because we usually provide our own designs. In Russia, there is a market for medium-priced jewellery. In particular, diamond engagement rings are popular in our market. Up till now, I have bought US$100,000-200,000 worth of diamond rings, earrings and pendants from three exhibitors.”
Andrey Yanchevskiy, General Manager, Goldex Ltd. (, Russia
“In business for 50 years, our company is a jewellery manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer in New Zealand, selling 9K gold, 18K gold and platinum jewellery set with diamonds and gemstones, as well as loose diamonds. At the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, we are particularly looking for rings, pendants and earrings in classic, traditional and unique designs. We are impressed by the size of the show and the variety of jewellery items on offer. We can find amazing jewellery designs from all over the world in one place. We are also happy to see attractive packaging boxes and displays here. We placed our first order for rings and pendants with a Thailand supplier on the first day of the show. The Hong Kong show is a good place for us to make useful contacts for our business development.”
John Rennell (left) and Penny Rennell (right), Co-owners, Ellerslie Jewellers & Engravers, New Zealand

  Top Picks from Media Experts
Giovanni Micera
Managing Editor
Preziosa Magazine

Hong Kong, an important hub for global jewellery

The show in spring organised by the HKTDC continues to be the leading global event dedicated to the world of jewellery. Despite the many political and economic uncertainties throughout the world, the qualified and comprehensive range of mounted jewellery presented at the fair and the many buyers who met in the corridors are proof that there are still business prospects, and that Hong Kong continues and will continue to be a key hub for this segment of the luxury industry worldwide. On my first day here, I really enjoyed the installation and selections in the new area dedicated to the Designer Galleria, presenting fashionable collections by designers from around the world, as well as the World of Glamour, with a focus on jewellers from Hong Kong.

Given that the year of the Rooster is considered auspicious for marriage, I find the organiser has made a good decision to introduce a special section dedicated to the wedding theme - Wedding Bijoux - where bridal jewellery takes centre stage. Twenty collective pavilions have come from many parts of the world, including Italy. In my opinion, the unusual and elegant high jewellery collections made of coral and cameo in Torre del Greco offer a particular source of national pride.

Colorat Collectie Co., Ltd
CEC 1CON-039

CEC 3CON-179

  Gem of the Day: Sparkling Highlights from Today’s Event Line-Up
Parade Series: “World of Glamour”  
Time : 11:00am - 11:30am
Venue : Grand Piazza, Hall 3E South Concourse

Japanese Urushi Lacquer Craftsmanship and Demonstration
Time : 2:30pm - 4:00pm
Venue : Grand Piazza, Hall 3E South Concourse
Speaker : Sophie Biscard, Development & Communications Director, L'École
Demonstrator : Franck N CENGIZALP, Lacquer craftsman, graduated from L'École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués
Language : English (No Simultaneous Interpretation)
Co-organised by : L'École- The School of Jewelry Arts, supported by Van Cleef & Arpels

Moment of Champagne  
Time : 3:00pm – 3:30pm
Venue : Paris Parlour, Hall 3B

  Collect Stamps at the Jewellery Show and Get a Gift!
Collect a stamp from three of the stamp counters and present the stamped coupon at any of the designated gift redemption counters to redeem a complimentary gift. Please click here to learn more.

Networking Reception for Gem Zone
The twin shows welcome a record-breaking of around 4,480 international exhibitors and form the world’s largest jewellery trading platform. The HKTDC Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show located at the AsiaWorld-Expo showing a magnificent spread of treasures such as diamonds, coloured gems, gemstones and pearls offered by global top-notch suppliers.

Buyers with validated admission badges of either the HKTDC Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show or Jewellery Show can use the same badge to visit the other concurrent Show. Complimentary shuttle bus is available between the two venues during the overlapping period.

  Buyer Forum: Grasping the Opportunities – The Belt and Road Initiatives
Jain Kirnesh Amritlal, General Director of KamiRus LCC, Russia
Cathy Ren, Product Manager of Zbird Shanghai Wisdom Co., Ltd
What's On - 3 March (Fri)
Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show at AsiaWorld-Expo
3pm – 4pm
Networking Reception for Pearl Zone*
Venue: Hall 1 & 2 Concourse,

*By Invitation Only

Event Schedule

Opening Hours
3 Mar (Fri)
4 Mar (Sat)
Buyer Registration Hours
3 Mar (Fri)
9:30am - 6pm
4 Mar (Sat)
9:30am - 3:30pm

  Special Events & Attractions
Networking Reception for Pearl Zone
Time : 3 – 4pm
Venue : Hall 1 & 2 Concourse
Remarks : By Invitation Only

  Dazzling Product Highlights
White Australian South Sea Drop 20.48 x 23.21 mm
Australia Pearls
Booth: AWE 1-B14
14.77 ct Black Opal with Bright Red Flashes
Chris Price Opals
Booth: AWE 1-B36
2.58 Cushion Fine Padparadscha Sapphire
Colorline Inc.
Booth: AWE 1-D21
Cushion Cut Emerald
Emco Gem Inc
Booth: AWE 1-B08
Premier Color Source Inc
Booth: AWE 1-B22
Chrysoberly Cat's Eye 50.08ct
Sparkles And Colors USA Inc.
Booth: AWE 1-B35
Wealth Return Series
Wuzhou Wang Fa New Artware Co., Ltd.
Booth: AWE 10-H41
Red Spinel 30.55 ct
Yavorskyy Co., Limited
Booth: AWE 1-C35

  Dazzling Hot Picks from the Media
Sancia Mincher
Managing Director
Jeweller’s Network South Africa

2017 seems to have started with a bang with the Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show. The diversity of both foreign buyers and exhibitors is outstanding and inspiring. The aisles are bustling and there is a tremendously emotive high with so many excitable people looking at all the sparkle there is on offer. The show has brought together the very best there is from all over the globe and gets better and better every year. We interviewed Millennium Diamonds and Trans Hex Diamonds Cutting Works (Pty) Ltd to gain some insight from an exhibitor’s point of view.

The Millennium factory, master diamond cutter and co–owner Masindi told us, “We are extremely satisfied with the number of visitors and traffic passing through the show. We had really good sales on our first day. Commercial stones from 1ct to 2ct are selling very well. Bigger stones from 5ct – 10ct are selling and we have good interest in larger goods, 10ct and upwards.”

“The show has created many wonderful opportunities with Malaysian and Philippine clients which we would not normally have had the chance to meet. The organiser, HKTDC, is extremely professional and the organisation of the show is seamless and effortless, making it a pleasure to exhibit. We always enjoy exhibiting in Hong Kong and have been doing so for over 15 years.”

The Trans Hex spokesperson noted that buyers were looking for bargains. “They are looking for high quality diamonds but the prices they are prepared to pay are a bit low. Generally people enquire about stones of 1ct and above, between VVSI AND SI1.We have had a few buyers looking for bigger sizes such as 3ct – 5ct.”

The buyers have been mostly from India and America, with a few Israeli buyers also enquiring.

10.2cts Diamond
Millennium Diamonds
Booth no. AWE 7-E16

4cts Cushion Cut Diamond (Left) & Pear Shaped Diamond (Right)
Trans Hex Diamonds Cutting Works (Pty) Ltd
Booth no.: AWE 7-D12

Grace Wu
Editor in Chief
Jewelry World

The HKTDC Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show was kicked off officially on 28 February. The fair offers so much to anticipate and explore. Industry players made their move quickly on the first day with a number of visitors lining up to get into the fairground. The atmosphere was exciting as we saw many people engaged in talks for business through the exhibition, reflecting a strong and lively jewellery market. During the first-day tour, we visited several exhibitors and the merchandise. We found that many of them have apparently shifted from traditionally popular items to unique and rare commodities. They all shared the same feeling and said: “With the changing market, consumers are looking for something special and different.” This shifting trend adds new excitement and pace to the fair.

Japanese exhibitor Kiai Co. Ltd. showed me a magnificent piece of emerald of 127.45 carats and its pure clarity really was so attractive. Chii Lih Coral Co Ltd from Taiwan is the fair’s biggest exhibitor this year. George Lu, Manager of the company, put on display two valuable pieces of AKA coral, one of 108 carats and the other of 92 carats. He pointed out that gemstone coral is a significant advantage for Taiwan and the industry strives to promote it through an international trading platform. The company has taken the great opportunity to showcase some top-quality coral collections at this fair for collectors from all over the world to examine and appreciate.

Chii Lih Coral Co Ltd
Booth no.: AWE 11-E05

127.45 carats Emerald
Kiai Co Ltd
Booth no.: AWE 11-E05

  Hear What Buyers Say
“DL Diamond offers a wide selection of quality diamonds, gemstones and original jewellery pieces. I travel around the world to source diamonds and gemstones for our jewellery designs. The HKTDC Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show is an amazing fair providing a great variety of items to choose from. I have already bought some diamonds and gemstones like rubies and sapphires for over US$150,000 on the first day of my visit. I expect to spend a further US$100,000 for other beautiful gemstones. This really is the best place to source diamonds and gemstones as well as understanding the latest market trends. Hong Kong International Jewellery Show is another highlight. I am looking for some interesting jewellery and will spend at least US$400,000 there. Hong Kong is a great place to do business. I enjoy coming here to grow business.”
David Levy, President/Owner, DL Diamond Inc, USA
“Founded in 1927, Carrascorp is a leading jewellery retailer in Bolivia. We currently operate 12 jewellery shops in the capital city Santa Cruz selling a wide range of 18k gold jewellery, silver jewellery and gemstone jewellery. This is my first visit to Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show. I am very impressed with the large scale of exhibition which features so many suppliers from different parts of the world. I have found some small diamonds that can go together with our jewellery collections. Orders worth US$12,000 to US$15,000 were already placed on the spot. This really is an eye-opening experience for me. I will also take the opportunity to visit Hong Kong International Jewellery Show to find some gold and silver jewellery pieces.”
Marcelo Daza Carrasco, General Manager, Carrascorp SRL., Bolivia
“In business for 18 years, Rising Star cuts diamonds in a variety of unique and fancy shapes. We always strive to provide something different for customers from different parts of the world including Hong Kong, Japan, USA, Germany and Thailand. Our special cuts come in varied forms and shapes such as rabbits, crosses, butterflies and even a horsehead. I have been visiting this fair over the years. This time, I am particularly sourcing some small diamonds with regular shapes for my customers. I expect to buy about 50 to 60 pieces. I am still looking around at the fairground for the most attractive items and hopefully will finalise some purchases within a couple of days. This is an excellent fair where I can find everything I want in a few days’ time. If you want to find something good and interesting, you must come here. This is the perfect place to do business.”
Ezra Boaron, Managing Director, Rising Star Diamonds, Israel

  Hear What Exhibitors Say
“Headquartered in Geneva of Switzerland, Safdico is a leading diamond manufacturing and trading company in the world. Our expertise lies in large and fabulous diamonds that cater to customers looking for something unique. This is our second-year participation in Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show to explore new business opportunities. Again, we are showcasing a selection of top quality diamonds with the biggest emerald cut diamond in the size of over 46 carats. We hope to secure new private customers and independent jewellery retailers through the exhibition. The response has been positive. We’ve secured some new customers including several jewellery retailers from the Middle East. We’ve sold a bit of everything including white diamonds and yellow diamonds during the fair. We are happy with the results and will continue to exhibit here for business development.”
Yves Alexis, President, Safdico International Ltd, Switzerland (Booth No. AWE 2-T18)
“Marcel Poncet is a well-established company selling a large variety of precious gemstones such as rubies from Myanmar, emeralds from Columbia and sapphires from Sri Lanka. Established in 1917, we are celebrating our 100th anniversary this year. We provide top-quality gemstones for fine jewellery and many famous international brands are our customers. We are participating in Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show for the third consecutive year to expand our presence in Asia. We seek to find more buyers from different countries in the region like the Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Korea and Australia. Buyers are forthcoming and some Chinese mainland customers we met previously here have visited us again to source more gemstones. Our items are of high values and further discussions are needed to conclude deals. This fair is a good place to expand our Asian business. We hope to get a bigger booth even next year to raise our presence.”
Éric Ruskoné, President, Marcel Poncet s.a.s., France (Booth No. AWE 1-B31)

  Thank You, Local Buyers
Local buyers are welcome to redeem the exclusive souvenir, a splendid jewellery tray set, at the Visitor Promotion Counter in AWE: Hall 1, Booth 1-H39 and an elegant double-layer jewellery box, at the Visitor Promotion Counter in CEC: Hall 5G-B29 during the fair period*.

Simply present this printout with your business card and valid buyer badge at the Visitor Promotion Counter to redeem the souvenir.

*One souvenir per buyer. First-come-first-served while stocks last. In case of any disputes, the decision of HKTDC is final and binding.

  Free Gift for your Collection at Wuzhou Pavilion
About Wuzhou
Wuzhou is located in the eastern part of Guangxi at the mid-stream of the Pearl River basin. As the gateway city into Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Wuzhou takes a pivotal position in the production of gemstones for the global market. The city’s gemstone output exceeds RMB2 billion a year with over 600 product categories and nearly 10,000 kinds of specifications. Wuzhou Gemstone City is one of the world’s leading trading centre for synthetic stones. In October 2007, Wuzhou was officially named as “China’s Gems and Jewellery Distinctive Industrial Base.”

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Collect a stamp from any two of the exhibitor booths in the list and present the stamped coupon at the designated gift redemption counter (AWE 10-G36) to redeem a complimentary gift.

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